About Us

"We have one oven dedicated to gluten free and one traditional. As in Naples, we cook directly on the stone floor of our wood-fired ovens."

2 Brothers, 1 Quest...

A mutual passion for Italian cuisine and a medical diagnosis in 2009 that put many favorites off-limits for Sam inspired these two brothers to combine forces and create an eatery where the gluten free menu is a mirror image of the traditional fare. Through tireless research and experimentation, followed by validation of their processes with a culinary tour of Italy last fall, Sam and Wyman bring freedom of choice to everyone coming through their doors.

In Italy, they found gluten free dishes to be virtually indistinguishable from gluten offerings. In a part of the world where one would assume dining out is a dangerous proposition for those with celiac disease, they found the Italians have figured it out by keeping things simple. Let the ingredients shine, don’t overthink it or try to reinvent what already works!

“2 Stones” was the end result. We have one oven dedicated to gluten free and one traditional. As in Naples, we cook directly on the stone floor of our wood-fired ovens. Cooking with fire dates back tens of thousands of years. We are happy to follow in those ancient footsteps. Having a dedicated oven elevates our ability to prevent cross-contamination throughout the entire food preparation process.

Our families are locavores at heart and truly enjoy the bounty of this area. 2 Stones strives to use as many Pacific Northwest ingredients as possible to bring you fresh and delicious dishes. Seeing families and friends gathered together sharing great food and drink is what fuels our passion - we hope you enjoy your dining experience with us!